29th of November 10:00-12:30 @ Central Helsinki
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Speaker highlights

  • Mariya Gabriel
    European Commission
    Miapetra Kumpula-Natri
    Member of the European Parliament, S&D
    Natalia Rincón 
    Co-founder and CEO CHAOS Architects
    Thomas Blomqvist
    Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality
    Ville Simola
    Maria 01
  • Yesmith Sánchez
    DEI Consultant
    Laura Broek
    Project Officer
    Allied for Startups
    Jussi Mäkinen,
    Director of EU Regulation Technology Industries of Finland
    Jasmina Pless
    Head of Entrepreneurship
    Danish Chamber of Commerce
    Sebastian Fuchs
  • Mari Holopainen 
    MP Finland
    Chris Yiu
    Director of Public Policy Northern Europe, Meta
    Sina Pour Soltani
    Founder and CEO 
    ARIS Robotics
    Ulla Heinonen
    Director of Green Growth Confederation of Finnish Industries
    David Jones 
  • Ondřej Ferdus
    Director, Digital Economy & Technology, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
    Joakim Wernberg
    Senior Lecturer in Technology and Society
    Lund University
    Karen K Burns
    CEO and Co-founder
    Saara Mattero
    Communications and Sustainability Director
    Finnish Climate Fund
    Nico Blier-Silvestri
    Head of People & Culture Dreamcraft VC
  • Johanna Huurre
    Director, Strategic Iniatives, Helsinki Partners
    Miguel Ferrer
    Director for strategy and public agenda 
    Karen K Burns
    CEO and Co-founder
    Saara Mattero
    Communications and Sustainability Director
    Finnish Climate Fund
    Nico Blier-Silvestri
    Head of People & Culture Dreamcraft VC

Start your Slush week with your European colleagues for discussions and networking lunch on Day 0! This year, we are focused on AI, privacy, net neutrality and more.

Crucial legislative pieces for startups are moving fast ahead of the EU Parliament Elections and the Belgian EU Presidency in the first term of 2024. This year, a coalition of European startup organisations is hosting again the Startup Policy Track where we bring in founders, policy-makers and organisations together. Join the event to form the startup agenda for 2024 and network with your European colleagues!

When 29th of November 10:00-12:30, networking lunch 12:30-14:30
Where Central Helsinki

*Slush tickets are not required to join Startup Policy Track.


Opening of the Startup Policy Track

Chairman of Danish Entrepreneurs opens the official policy startup track. 

Balancing the Potential and Safeguards of AI


The data economy will become an ever greater force of European innovation and a key factor in the success of our startups - when given the right regulatory frameworks. With all the recent legislation on data (Data Act, AI Act, Data Governance Act), where do the startups stand and how will the new frameworks impact startups’ potential to innovate, grow and succeed?

Questions: What will happen if the EU restricts data-flows to third countries? Which EU mechanisms can support or stifle startups and SMEs? What will mandatory data sharing look like for startups? How will startups comply with the potential restrictions on transatlantic data flows and transferring data to third countries?


  • Miapetra Kumpula-Natri MEP
  • David Jevons, Partner at Oxera
  • Jussi Mäkinen, Director of EU Regulation, Technology Industry of Finland
  • Karen K Burns, CEO and Co-founder , Fyma
  • Joakim Wernberg, Lecturer in Technology and Society and Research Director of Digitalization and Tech Policy, Swedish Entrepreneurship



Green values have become the competitive advantage of many startups who are starting their companies with already embedded practices to be green. Startups are the frontrunners in disruptive innovations whether in tech or green transformation and their innovative solutions are needed to reach the climate goals. How can we foster green entrepreneurship and attract investments better? What barriers should be reduced across the EU for Europe to succeed in green transformation? Are there any incentives to invest more in green startups? What are the next steps for startups in a circular economy?


  • Ulla Heinonen, Director of Green Growth, Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • Laura Broek, Project Officer, Allied for Startups
  • Saara Mattero, Communications and Sustainability Director, Finnish Climate Fund 
  • Sina Pour Soltani, Founder and CEO, ARIS Robotics 

Net Neutrality - An Equaliser in Competition

To keep our sights on the future, we need to look at the EU's agenda for the next few years. There are many legislative areas happening that are highly important to keep entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem engaged with. How will the plans look from a startup perspective? How can we have startups better engaged in the EU discussions and have their voices heard in the policy-making process?


  • Ondřej Ferdus, Director of the Digital Economy and Technology Unit, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
  • Sebastian Fuchs, Co-founder of SUP46


Pausing and Deregulation - Putting Red Tape and Innovation on a Scale

Artificial Intelligence will define the world we live in the future and it will boost research and industrial capacity in the EU. The EU’s approach to AI needs to connect to our values and fundamental rights whilst encouraging innovation and potential of startups. To have Europe the frontrunner in AI, what is needed to provide a clear and pragmatic framework for startups and encourage possibilities to sandbox experiment AI?
What are the great possibilities of AI? Can we develop a legislative arena to sandbox experiment AI? What are the future innovative boundaries? How to uncover the bias of harmful data in AI?


  • Natalia Rincón, Co-founder and CEO, CHAOS
  • Miguel Ferrer, Director for strategy and public agenda, Adigital 

Networking Lunch

The metaverse will have a pioneering role in shaping our online experience and how we engage with each other. We are in the starting line to explore all the opportunities metaverse can have across industries and in our daily lives. Policy-makers, developers and entrepreneurs are all key stakeholders in writing the future policy playbook for metaverse which will have a tremendous potential to be unleashed.

What are the opportunities and risks in the policy area? How can we protect data and cyber security? What are the opportunities for startups within the metaverse? How can policy makers ensure the best conditions for startups to succeed in the area?


  • Chris Yiu, Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe, Meta

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